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Impeachment by people, assault on doctors: IMA appeal for Prime Minister Modi's intervention

Impeachment by people, assault on doctors: IMA appeal for Prime Minister Modi’s intervention

Source: The New Indian Express

New Delhi: The Indian Medical Association on Monday wrote to Prime Minister Narendra Modi that he should intervene so that doctors can work without fear and intimidation against the people who are campaigning on the vaccine campaign.

Any person who misbehaves against the vaccine campaign must file a case with the Infectious Diseases Act, 1897, the Indian Criminal Code and the Disaster Management Act, 2005, and take appropriate action against any person who causes suspicion in the public eye against the Code of Conduct for the treatment of Kovid-19 infected patients. Any person’s attempt to make people stupid without getting approved and to curtail soaked drugs
Mentioned in the letter.

The 2019 bill should promptly announce that health care personnel and clinical institutions (such as violence and property damage) will be sent to jail for up to 10 years for people who assault duty-bound doctors and other health personnel. The IMA said that those involved in such vile deeds should be punished so that anti-social forces could effectively prevent health personnel from attacking them.

The IMA has congratulated the Prime Minister for insuring the families of doctors who died of the Kovid-pandemic scheme under Prime Minister Garib Kalyan’s scheme.

States and private hospitals must be vaccinated free of charge for all over the age of 18 years without letting the vaccine be in place, to study the complications after Kovid-19 in detail. The IMA has appealed to Prime Minister Narendra Modi to set up a separate research laboratory to bring out multidisciplinary treatment guidelines across all pharmaceutical disciplines.

The IMA said in a letter that June 18 is being celebrated as a national day of protest to inspire medical staff to work without fear of mental and physical illness.


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