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In South Africa, where Gandhi was identified .. 7 years imprisonment for fraud in his granddaughter!

Durban: A South African city court has sentenced Gandhi’s granddaughter to seven years in prison in a fraud case.

Gandhi’s granddaughter Ela Gandhi. He is a human rights activist. His daughter Ashish Lata Ramkopin. Ramkopin is the Founder and Managing Director of the Participatory Development Initiative at the International Center for Nonviolence. It is customary to call oneself an ‘activist with a focus on environmental, social and political interests’. A fraud case was filed against him in 2015 in a Durban court in South Africa. Brigadier General Hanwani Mulatsi of the National Bar Commission (NBA) appeared for the opposition.

latest tamil news

Fraud case

In 2015, Ramgobin met businessman Maharaj, the director of the New Africa Alliance. Maharaj’s company imports and sells clothing, linen and footwear. Maharaj’s company also provides funding to other companies on a ‘profit share’ basis. Ramgobin approached the Maharajah saying that he had received goods from India to South Africa, but that he did not have the money to pay the import costs and customs duties and that he urgently needed money to take the goods in port.

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$ 6 million

Ramgobin has asked the Maharajah for $ 6 million for this. For that, he forged the invoice, and some documents and showed them to Maharaj. The Maharaja also relied on these documents as Gandhi’s great-granddaughter. Following this, Ramgopin was paid on behalf of the Maharaj. However, Maharaj filed a criminal case in 2015 after the documents were found to be forged.

7 years imprisonment

At the start of the trial, Lata Ramkopin was released on $ 50,000 bail. The investigation continued after that. The trial was over and the verdict was handed down yesterday. It said, ‘It has been confirmed that Ramcopin issued fake invoices and documents claiming to be importing three handloom containers from India. He faces up to 7 years in prison.

latest tamil news

Gandhi and Durban!

Gandhi worked as a lawyer in South Africa. On June 7, 1893, Gandhi traveled by train from Durban to Pretoria on a first-class ticket. Gandhi was pushed down from the train, claiming that only whites were allowed in the box. Gandhi then intensified his satyagraha against British racism in South Africa and later in India. But it is noteworthy that Gandhi’s nephew has gone to jail in a fraud case in the same Durban city.



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