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Increased electricity consumption in the country again this year

New Delhi: The second wave of corona virus is spreading rapidly in India. Curfews were imposed in several buildings in various states, forcing many private sector employees to work from home. Following this, the Central Electricity Board has released a report on this.

It has reported a 19 per cent increase in the amount of electricity consumed by citizens in Indian states since last May. As of May 1, 51.67 million units of electricity had been consumed. From May 2019 to May 2020, 43.55 billion units of electricity were consumed. Currently nine million units more electricity are used by the public and industries.

Beginning in March last year, the federal government issued a severe curfew following the first wave of corona. Due to this low electricity cost. It is also said that the use of electricity has increased this year as the industries are now back in business. Now that the state governments are enforcing the curfew in the first few days of the week as required, there is a debate as to whether the use of electricity will decrease again.



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