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ISRO has produced three ventilators

Bangalore: ISRO has developed three types of ventilators to treat corona patients.

In our country, there is a shortage of ventilators used to treat people infected with the corona virus. The Central Government is working to address this issue. Accordingly, a small scale ventilator called ‘Prana’ has been manufactured at a low cost. Warning bell This ventilator is made with sophisticated control system.

Sensors are fitted to monitor the airway, flow and oxygen level. The ventilator is made with a touch screen technology called ‘touch screen’. This ventilator will ensure that patients have safe ventilation. When patients experience shortness of breath, an alarm, called an alarm, will sound.

Similarly, this alarm bell will sound when the ventilator is incorrectly connected and the sensors are disconnected. Patients with respiratory problems can be treated with the help of this ventilator. Third, the ventilator ‘Swasta’ is designed for emergency use.



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