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JCB, ACB, PCB, CID are more in Jagan's two year rule!

JCB, ACB, PCB, CID are more in Jagan’s two year rule!

Achennai has released a charge sheet on the destruction of Jagan over the two-year rule of CM Jagan. Speaking on the occasion, Achennai said, “When Jagan came to power, the tagline was JCB, ACB, PCB, CID.” Ordinary, middle class people will start a program with good work. But the YCP government will start with destruction. With the demolition of the JCB-public forum, Jagan started wreaking havoc in the state. If it is not done through PCB-ACBs, the pollution department will be brought down to the field. Whatever CM Jagan says .. CID is ready to do it. Every leader in the ruling party is giving speeches when he is in a hurry. All the promises given when Jagan made the pilgrimage were blown away.

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