Jeb Bezas Space Rocket

Mumbai: A female engineer from Maharashtra has been included in the team that designed the rocket for Amazon founder Jeff Bezas’ space tourism project.

Richard Branson, a British businessman from the European country, recently returned from a successful space tour with his ‘Virgin Galactic’ crew. Amazon founder Jeff Bezas started Blue Origin, a company for space travel planning. The company’s astronauts have developed a rocket called the New Shepherd. Of these, Jeb Bezas and three others from the company are traveling into space today.

The Blue Origin team that designed the space rocket includes Sanchal Kawande, a 30 – year – old young engineer from Maharashtra. .L., Retired from the company. Sanchal graduated from the University of Mumbai with a degree in Mechanical Engineering and studied at the University of Michigan, USA. He has worked for various companies in the United States.

After completing his pilot training, he applied to work for NASA, the US space agency. Subsequently, he joined the New Shepherd Rocket Design Team as a System Engineer at Jeff Bezas’ Blue Origin Company. “My childhood dream of designing a rocket is a reality,” said Sanchal Kawande.



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