Jeff Bezas’ Space Rocket: Indian woman on board

Mumbai: A woman engineer from Maharashtra has been included in the team that designed the rocket for Amazon founder Jeff Pesas’ space tourism project.

Richard Branson, a British businessman from Europe, recently returned from a successful space voyage with his ‘Virgin Galactic’ crew. .Jep Pesas and three members of the company are traveling into space today.

Sanjal Kawande, 30, a young female engineer from Maharashtra, is part of the Blue Origin team that designed the space rocket. His father, Ashok Kawande, is retired from the Kalyan-Dombivli municipality near Mumbai. His mother is Sureka, a telecommunications company MDNL. Retired from working in the company.

Sanchal holds a degree in Mechanical Engineering from the University of Mumbai and is a graduate of the University of Michigan, USA. After completing his pilot training, he applied to work for NASA, a US space agency. He later joined the New Shepherd Rocket Design Team as a ‘System Engineer’ at Jeff Bezas’ Blue Origin. “I am happy that my childhood dream of designing a rocket has come true,” said Sanchal Kawande.



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