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Jennifer Lopez Changing Children's School For New Boyfriend!

Jennifer Lopez Changing Children’s School For New Boyfriend!

Hollywood star kids do not have the hardships and difficulties that normal children have. True But, their problems are theirs! Recently Jennifer Lopez is doing the same for two children. The 13-year-old twins have both been studying in Miami, USA for many years. But, looking at the latest developments, the Teenage Star Kids’ Journey to the West Side is about to land in Los Angeles! Jennifer Lopez, who fans call Zelo, fell in love once again. She suddenly broke up with Alex Rodriguez until some time ago.

The reasons are not clear. However, now this beautiful angel has found a new boyfriend in Los Angeles. During the break between doing exercises in the gym with him, even kissing in public like a tired beach! Who is he yet? Hollywood actor, producer, director, writer Ben Affleck! The affair with new boyfriend Ben Affleck has not yet been officially announced by Jennifer. But, everyone knows that something, something is going on between the two of them. Now Lopez is also visiting a school in the city of L.A.

Hollywood Observers say this is definitely for her kids in Miami. The Hollywood star is rumored to be bringing her two twins to Los Angeles soon. Jennifer had two children by her ex-husband Mark Anto. She was also previously married to Ben Affleck, who is currently dating Zeloni. He has three children by his first wife! It may sound a little new or confusing to us, but it’s commonplace in America! In the case of Hollywood celebrities, however, more

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