Key position for Stalin?

டில்லி உஷ், ஸ்டாலின், பிரசாந்த் கிஷோர்,  பாஜ, அனுராக் தாக்கூர், முருகன்,  திமுக, தூர்தர்ஷன், கவர்னர், பன்வாரிலால், ராஜிவ் கொலையாளிகள், விடுதலை, பரோல்,

Election strategist Prashant Kishore plans to defeat Modi in the next Lok Sabha elections and send him home. He has been trying to rally the opposition to stand against the BJP. He has been meeting several opposition leaders in this regard. Sarath Pawar has already met Mamta. It is said that it was a matter of meeting Rahul. The Tamil Nadu Chief Minister has been in touch with Stalin. The chief minister’s son – in – law, Prashant Kishore, has been talking frequently. Tamil Nadu Chief Minister Stalin deserves it ‘, Prasanth has been telling other opposition leaders.

BJP’s action plan

Union Minister of State for Information and Broadcasting Anurag Singh Thakur has prepared a plan for Tamil Nadu and handed it over to Minister Murugan. Tamil Nadu BJP How to bring leaders into the media ‘has been said in detail. The party has also given permission for this. The BJP has appointed Tamil Nadu’s ‘Doordarshan and All India Radio’ as consultants. It has been decided to appoint leaders. ‘All the Tamil Nadu media is working in support of the DMK. Therefore, we need to take advantage of the Tamil services of Doordarshan and All India Radio. The leadership has decided. Leaders are to be given key positions at the national level. ‘We have to win 10 seats in the next Lok Sabha election somehow. Start working on it ‘has been told to Murugan. This is said to be the order of the Prime Minister. Soon many Union Ministers will be coming to Tamil Nadu in a row to tell the people about the plans of the Union Government.

There is no release!

Purohit was met by Tamil Nadu Governor Banwarilal, who recently visited Delhi. During this meeting ‘Your tenure is over. A new governor will be appointed soon. The governor is also being consulted on the release of seven people serving life sentences in the Rajiv murder case. Law Minister Kiran Rijiju has issued a memorandum on the issue. Some of them were sentenced to death but the Supreme Court reduced it to life imprisonment. ‘So those responsible for this horrific murder cannot be released. They may be out on parole for some time.



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