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Kovid-19: Death of 17 pilots in May, 10 killed in Indigo company!

Kovid-19: Death of 17 pilots in May, 10 killed in Indigo company!

Source: PTI

New Delhi: Tens of thousands of pilots have been infected and killed as a result of the deadly coronavirus virus wreaking havoc on the airline that was hit by the second wave.

Yes, about 17 pilots of various airlines in the country have been killed in the second wave of the deadly coronavirus virus, especially in May. Notably, 10 pilots of the same indigo airline have been found dead.

Air India’s senior pilots Captain Harsh Tiwari, GPS Gill, Prasad Karmakar, Sandeep Rana and Amitesh Prasad have been infected and died. But the good news is that no pilots have died at Air Asia India.

IndiGo has not provided any details about its pilots’ deaths, but said that out of a total of 35,000 employees, 20,000 were given the first dose of the covid vaccine. Raj Raghavan, Head of IndiGo, Senior Human Resources, told PTI News, “We are committed to employing our entire staff by mid-June. In the first wave, only a few pilots of the Indigo Company were infected. But in the 2nd wave, over 450 pilots were infected by the crew.

According to sources, IndiGo’s welfare scheme and benevolent policy has the option of providing Rs 5 crore relief to the dead pilots.

Vaccines for 99% of employees of Air Asia
Two other major airlines, Air Asia and Extension, have claimed that more than 97% of their staff is vaccinated. Extension said 99 per cent of its staff had been vaccinated, while AirAsia said that 97 per cent of its staff had been vaccinated. Similarly, the organizations have also clarified that Covid’s treatment and Covid’s recovery staff have not been used for this data.

Vaccine shortage: Vaccination for Air India personnel from May 15
Air India has begun vaccinating its staff since May 15 due to a shortage of Kovid vaccine in the country. The vaccine will be given to all staff at the end of the month.


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