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Kovid kallolam in the villages .. Center new guidelines

Kovid kallolam in the villages .. Center new guidelines

Corona virus In the beginning, the majority of cases came to light in cities and rural areas. In the second wave, the situation was completely different. The Corona is expanding rapidly in the rural areas of the country. The people of the rural areas are suffering due to the shortage of medical facilities.

In addition, the Center has directed the states to focus on new guidelines such as training at the village level surveillance, tele-consultation with community health officers and expeditious antigen testing. , With the help of the Village Health Sanitation and Nutrition Committee, Asha said activists need to play an active role. It suggested that special surveillance be set up to detect illnesses such as influenza and serious respiratory infections. Cases of oxygen deprivation and respiratory problems should be referred to all available medical facilities. Contact tracing should be done as far as possible based on the Corona severity and number of cases as per the guidelines of the Integrated Disease Surveillance Program guidelines. It has been clarified that oximeters and thermometers are required to be available. Isolation kit is provided for all active cases. Each kit is ordered to contain medicines like paracetamol, ivarmectin, cough medicine, multivitamins tablets. A detailed pamphlet outlining the precautions to be taken, a proforma monitoring the patient’s condition, all the details to be contacted when the main symptoms appear, when health deteriorates .. Discharge at least 10 days after the onset of symptoms .. No fever for three days in cases .. Another after completion of isolation period near home The center states in the guidelines that a corona diagnostic test is not required for the time being.

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