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Kovid Vaccine: Here’s a doctor’s answer to your question! Video

Source: Online Desk

Bangalore: Bangalore Medical College – A team of 92 batch doctors has launched a free medical service as people are battling the second wave of the deadly coronavirus epidemic.

There are many questions about the Kovid vaccine, and doctors may have different opinions. This is because research on this is ongoing. So the ‘official information’ is provided by the experts.

Many of the Kannada television actor’s questions have been answered by experts in the country’s batch of Bangalore Medical College-92. See also, share more people.

About BMC-92
A group of graduates of the 1992 batch of the Bangalore Medical College has launched an alternative medicine service called BMC-92, which provides services for specialists including consultants, consultants, helpers, oxygen concentrators, pulse oximeters to treat the infected. The team’s goal is to reduce the pressure on hospitals by preventing Kovid patients from getting to their beds.

The project, which began with the idea of ​​building a volunteer force with the intention of reducing the fear of the infected and delivering authenticated information, has now taken the form of an online hospital with the help of the BMC-92 team of doctors.

08047166115 helpline
The team has started a helpline number 08047166115 to assist the Kovid patients, who will record the details immediately after the call to the helpline and be transferred to a consultant. Doctors will call and guide patients if needed. Separate at home and help with healing. Donors will also be provided with donor assistance to those in need. One of the team members informed that the patient had been in touch since the day of the call and was fully healed.

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