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Kovid virus leak from China lab: Britain intelligence report

Kovid virus leak from China lab: Britain intelligence report

London: Corona drizzle has been covering the world for almost 2 years now. Britain has also echoed reports of a Chinese laboratory being targeted.

A recent statement from Britain’s intelligence agencies said that the corona virus that caused the Kovid-19 epidemic could have been leaked from a Chinese bio – laboratory.

Britain’s vaccine minister Nadeem Zhawi has called on the World Health Organization (WHO) to conduct a full investigation into the source of the deadly virus.

The origin of Kovid-19 has been the subject of extensive debate, with politicians and scientists opining that the deadly virus could have been leaked from a laboratory.

In the early days of the epidemic, Western intelligence agencies, including Britain, conducted research to trace the spread of the corona by bats, saying the chances of a corona virus leaking from the laboratory were slim.

But now the same intelligence agencies are saying that there is a possibility that the corona virus could have spread from the laboratory, the Sunday Times reported, citing sources.

It is noteworthy that the Wuhan Institute of Virology in China is located near the seafood market in Wuhan, which is believed to be Corona’s original location in China.

The evidence makes us think in a different direction, but the Chinese lie anyway. In that sense, it is possible Britain’s intelligence could never know the origin of the corona.

Western agencies Intelligence department in China has some human intelligence sources in China, collecting information, name, Chinese employees who do not want to give their details are sharing some secrets with these intelligence agencies.

Britain has now voiced support for the claim that the corona virus was leaked to a laboratory, putting further pressure on the WHO to investigate.


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