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Lahore: A former security guard who pretended to be a doctor;  Woman death!

Lahore: A former security guard who pretended to be a doctor; Woman death!

Source: AFP

Lahore: An incident in which a former security guard operated on an elderly woman patient claiming to be a skilled doctor and caused her death has taken place in Lahore, Pakistan.

The incident took place at the Mayo Hospital in Lahore, where an 80-year-old woman, Shamima Begum, died. According to sources, Muhammad Waheed Butt, who claimed to be a skilled doctor, operated on Shamima Begum and caused her death.

Informing about this, Mayo Hospital officials said, ‘Woman Shamima Begum was admitted to the hospital due to a spinal bone problem. In this case, she was operated on and sent home. But two days later the bleeding at the site of the surgery was intense and the pain was even more intense. This time the family brought him back to the hospital. This time she is dead. Muhammad Waheed Butt, a former security guard at the hospital, lied and pretended to be a doctor when the source of the surgery was discovered. But other skilled doctors were also said to have been present during that surgery.

It is a large hospital and it is not always possible to observe what the doctors and staff are doing. Butt often visited patients’ families and received money for treatment. He later pretended to be a doctor and underwent surgery, but the woman’s body is currently being kept for a post – mortem. Butt is currently being held by Lahore police and a case is being registered and is being investigated.

The hospital was laid off 2 years ago
Butt, who is no longer in custody, was working as a hospital security guard. Receiving money to treat patients. He was later treated in coordination with the hospital doctors. He was fired 2 years ago for the same reason.

Not the first case
Such cases in Lahore are unprecedented. Earlier, a man at a similar Lahore Services Hospital claimed to be a doctor and was caught taking money from patients for treatment. Later in 2016, a woman claimed to be a doctor at the same services hospital and underwent surgery for 8 consecutive months with a skilled doctor. He also received money from patients. He was also arrested by the police.


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