Medical Association warns Kerala government over relaxation of curfew

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New Delhi: Govt has relaxed restrictions in Kerala for the first three days today (July 18) in the wake of Bakreed. The Indian Medical Association, which has criticized the Kerala government for this, has warned that it will seek the Supreme Court if the relaxations are not withdrawn.

The Medical Association of India (MAI) said in a statement: Northern states including Kashmir, Uttar Pradesh and Uttarakhand have canceled traditional pilgrimages with a sense of public safety. It is unfortunate that Kerala, which is highly educated, has taken a reactionary decision. Failure to withdraw this order will force the state to approach the Supreme Court. As has been stated.

latest tamil news

In Kerala, they have given permission to open clothes shops, jewelery shops, home appliance shops and gift shops from Sunday to Tuesday. Not only that, in places of worship including Sabarimala, devotees are allowed in the number of 10 thousand daily. In Kerala, 13,956 people were diagnosed with the disease on Sunday. 81 people have died. Infection occurs in up to 10% of cases.



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