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Mehul should hand over Choksi: India demands Dominica

New Delhi: Our Domestic Investigation Agency has demanded that the government of Dominica extradite Mehul Choksi, who was involved in a bank fraud case, to India.

Mehul Choksi, a Mumbai-based diamond trader who embezzled Rs 14,000 crore from the Punjab National Bank, has escaped to Antigua and Barbuda. Mehul Choksi, a diamond dealer caught in Dominica and fleeing Antigua, has been barred from leaving the country until further notice by a federal government as he tries to deport him. He is currently in prison in that country.

In this situation, the Indian investigation agencies have entered the field to deport him. It is reported that the organizations have contacted the Dominican government, both diplomatically and indirectly, to demand the extradition of Mehul Choksi.

Mehul Choksi is from India. He has swindled $ 2 billion in India and obtained new citizenship to escape the law. Choksi should be considered as a fugitive from India. There is an Interpol notice against him. He should be handed over to the Indian authorities. To be deported to face the law in India. Antigua has also demanded that Choksi be handed over to India. The Dominican government has not responded. Two days ago, it was announced that he would be extradited to Antigua.

Choksi has full legal protection in Antigua. Thus, it seems that it will take some more time to deport him from there.
Meanwhile, it has been reported that political parties in Dominica are trying to save Choksi. It is reported that Choksi is ready to raise his voice in Parliament on the issue if he donates to their party. It has been reported that one of the country’s opposition leaders met with the Choksi family.

Injury to the chokehold

Meanwhile, photos of Choksi in Dominica prison with hand and eye injuries have been released.

latest tamil news
latest tamil news

Indian flight to Dominica

Meanwhile, a Dominican Douglas Charles flight from Delhi has landed.

latest tamil news

It is true that the plane landed in Dominica, according to Antigua Prime Minister Brown. As far as I know, documents related to Choksi have been brought from Indian courts. It will be submitted to the court in Dominica. From there, the government has embarked on a serious effort to deport Choksi to India. Thus he said.



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