Monkey B virus in China; Panic over someone being killed

Monkey B Virus, China, Monkey B, virus

Beijing: The Puducha Puducha virus is spreading from China following the corona. Here one person was killed by the ‘Monkey B’ virus.

A veterinarian did an autopsy on 53, two monkeys. A few months later he suffered from nausea, vomiting, fever, and nerve damage. He was admitted to the hospital and died on May 27. In his saliva, blood samples were tested and found to be infected with the ‘monkey B’ virus. The death of a man for the first time after being infected with the ‘monkey B’ virus has come as a shock to China.

The virus was first discovered in 1932 in monkeys. It spreads through direct wastes, glands. The mortality rate (70–80) is high. China’s Centers for Disease Control and Prevention has advised monkey, animal therapists and research center staff to be extra careful.

Symptoms appear in 1–3 weeks when humans are infected with the ‘monkey B’ virus. Then attacks the central nervous system and causes death.



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