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More help for India: Emphasis on Python

Washington: Governors and MPs from several states have urged US President Joe Biden to provide additional vaccinations and medical assistance to India as the spread of the corona virus intensifies.

The impact of the second wave of corona virus spread is severe in India. There was a shortage of oxygen, vaccine, medicine. For this, many countries are coming to the rescue. The demand for the vaccine is high. The United States has said it will supply eight million doses of its available vaccine to other countries. As a first step, President Joe Biden recently announced that 2.5 million vaccines would be shipped to South and Southeast Asian countries and Africa by the end of this month. “Of that, 75 per cent, or 1.9 crore doses, will be given to India,” he said.

In this context, the people’s representatives, including the governors and MPs of the Democratic and Republican parties, have stressed the need to do more to help India, the best ally. ” We need to do more to help India fight Corona, “said Greg Abbott, a Republican Texas governor.

latest tamil news

Many Republican MPs, including Ted Cruz, Roger Wicker, Michael McCall and Adam Smith, have spoken out in support of India. Democrat MP Roh Khanna, who is a native of India, has also called for more aid.



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