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புதிய தடுப்பூசி  திட்டத்திற்கு ரூ.50,000 கோடி செலவாகும்: நிதி அமைச்சகம்

New vaccine project will cost Rs 50,000 crore: Ministry of Finance

New Delhi: With the Prime Minister announcing that “the distribution of vaccines will be fully run by the central government and all states will be provided with free vaccines,” new vaccine projects will cost Rs 50,000 crore, finance ministry sources said.

What they said further about this was: As there is sufficient funding available for the new vaccination program, no additional subsidies are required. Funding may be needed during the second round of vaccination missions in the run-up to the parliamentary winter session. As well as meeting the vaccine requirements, the government will no longer rely on foreign vaccines. The procurement plan will focus on Bharat Biotech, Serum and new Bio-E companies.

With these companies we can provide vaccines to a significant number of people. Negotiations with Pfizer and Moderna are missing progress due to compensation terms. Vaccine-related problems should only be resolved in US courts. Moderna has no plans to enter India until January next year.

Spotnik V is allowed for use in Russia, except for Kovacsin and Govshield. It will not be in large numbers. Purchases for that have not yet begun. We have pre-registered the Bio-E company Kovit vaccine from Hyderabad manufactured in India after Kovacin. The Ministry of Health will pay Rs 1,500 crore in advance. With the free vaccination, there will be no increase in the internal rate of return for federal government employees. We need to decide what is important. Thus they said.



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