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No salary for 10 years!

The basic requirement for the Gold City Mines area is water. Borewell water should be stored in a tank and supplied. For this there should be more than 60 water openers. Ivanka is not on the municipal list either. Mines are not on the carnage list either. Only those who get water can get help by giving 50, 100 rupees. No salary for more than ten years. The builder, who had been in the business, opened the hospital. How to service with ‘Brad’ in the medical service here. There is a lot of unspeakable Brad work going on inside of that. Make him the director of the hospital that Dr. Puducha is setting up in Gold City. He told Brad at the Care Center launch party that he had affected Brad. Here he is from Emarama right! Who died the betrayal? There are only three factions in the flower party. It is unknown at this time what he will do after leaving the post. This is a page. Worse than these, discontent in the party is beginning to break down morally. Squeeze and squeeze whoever is left to do. Awesome group listing the defeats of handicrafts. Leave it to the cell phone media to stab Kummalam Pakranga. The pitch is ready! On the other hand, every electoral party forgets its own party and divides the votes for other symbols. This is nothing new. Indifference is to put the red rhythm. This is not how the Lok Sabha election put Naina in danger. The injury is not yet six. Still have to wait another two years; The game in it is Jasthi Ayidutchu!



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