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Nothing but Can Conquer Cancer

Nothing but Can Conquer Cancer

Cancer is like a ‘dead’ end! But, Sonali Bendre and Tahir Kashyap say that even cancer bows its head before human perseverance. They are both brave women who have conquered cancer. Sonali has been diagnosed with a terminal illness in 2018. She took treatment for a few months in New York. She described on social media on the occasion of ‘Cancer Survivors’ Day’ how she faced the task of writing at that time. “Time goes on like this. If I look back at these days, I can see my strength. My weakness is also visible. But, most importantly, I can see my composure. Because of that I was able to prevent my life from being ruled by ‘cancer’. Sonali Bendre wrote her post to make it clear that “I am moving forward without determining my future from that deadly disease.”

Actor Ayushman Khurana’s wife Tahira Kashyap, like Sonali, has been diagnosed with cancer and is recovering well. She also shared the ‘Cancer Survivors Day’ message on her social media account. If surgery is done due to cancer, the marks on the shit will remain permanently. ” Do not hide the signs of cancer treatment taluk! Proudly display! They are… signs of self-confidence that we are facing the enemy who has come to destroy us! ” Says Tahira. It is definitely an inviting development that celebrities like Sonali and Tahira come forward with their experiences and emotions. There is no doubt that such statements make many people confident.

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