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'One leader made a statement while standing in the street: CM resigns'

‘One leader made a statement while standing in the street: CM resigns’

Source: The New Indian Express

BelgaumDCM Laxman Savadi has clarified that the question of CM Yeddyurappa resigning from his post will not arise.

Responding to media in Athani town in Belgaum district, he said that CM Yeddyurappa was bored with his mind. Many have said this because they spoke differently.

On the issue of change of leadership, Chief Minister B.S. Yeddyurappa is suffering. That is why the High Command has said that it will resign if it says so, ‘said Agriculture Minister B.C. Patil said.

If one person makes a statement every day it will affect the administrative machinery. Also it becomes a children’s game. It is not right to talk in the street. ‘

‘Yeddyurappa will continue as the Chief Minister. The next election will be held under his leadership. If someone goes to Delhi, it cannot be said that the Chief Minister has gone for a change. Changing the Chief Minister is not an easy task, ”he said.


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