One of the sleepless eyes …

தூங்காத கண்ணென்று ஒன்று...

Physical for those who work for three consecutive days without proper sleep,
A study by the University of Florida in the United States has shown that mental health can be affected.

Various changes in working hours have occurred due to technological advancement
There are. With the advent of IT and online work, night work has become a necessity. Thus the grief suffers. More than 2,000 young people in the United States participated in a study on infertility. Their subsequent eight-day stay was taken into account. Of these, 42 percent did not sleep for a single day.

The study found that people who did not sleep long enough for three consecutive nights developed mental health problems such as anger, tension, irritability, frustration, loneliness, and physical pain, as well as difficulty breathing. Scientists have recommended that young people sleep at least 7 hours a day at night.



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