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Order to upload within 28 of the recipe exam score

All CBSE schools have been directed to upload the work, including the recipe training exam, which is yet to be completed, online within the next 28 days.

With all the Plus 2 exams canceled, the CBSE and the Board are actively involved in finalizing the details of students’ proficiency. In this situation, the order sent to all the schools, from Delhi, on behalf of the CBSE, states that if the recipe training examination and ‘internal assessment’ work in the schools are not completed, they should be completed online.

Supervisors may not be assigned to certain subjects. In such a case, the teacher of the school may conduct these examinations. All of these procedures are available online. You have to go to the link and upload the details of the score you give. Upon completion of the recipe selection, the marks should be uploaded and completed immediately without any delay. In doing so only the correct marks should be mentioned. All schools must complete and complete the tasks, including the recipe training exam, by the 28th, uploading the appropriate scores. Thus it is said.



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