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Oxygen bus for corona patients

The mobile oxygen bus operated for the Bangalore-Corona patients is the lifeblood of the patients. Thus increasing mortality. To address this, Foundation India, in collaboration with PMDC, launched the Oxygen Bus Service under the name ‘Oxygen on Wheels’. It is a boon for patients. Currently, two oxygen buses are operating in Bangalore. These buses have the capacity to deliver oxygen to six people at a time. We went to various parts of the city for a week and saved the lives of more than 15 corona patients. Oxygen was distributed at various places such as Elahanga, Ejipura and Vibudipura. Corona patients in the slums use this bus. We go there and deliver oxygen. Oxygen bus service is available daily from 10:30 am to 6:00 pm. Driving the bus, there will be a nurse. In hospitals immediately, those who do not get a bed urgently need oxygen and use the local oxygen bus service. They go to the hospital after the oxygen level rises. Before this we had planned to park the bus near a government hospital. But as the demand has increased from many parts of the city, we go here and there ourselves and provide free oxygen, ”he said.



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