‘Pegasus’ clash again in Parliament; Postponement of dual riots

'Pegasus' clash again in Parliament;  Postponement of dual riots

Source: PTI

New Delhi: The Pegasus snooping controversy has once again disturbed parliament, with the dual sittings being adjourned for 1 hour.

Opposition members have issued 15 notices under Rule 267, insisting that they be given time to discuss their issue. They shouted slogans against the government. Rajya Sabha President M Venkaiah Naidu tried to appease the members but the members rallied the House for an hour in the backdrop of peacekeeping.

Even today, Rajya Sabha Chairman Venkaiah Naidu rejected 15 members’ notices as they rejected the 17 notices issued on Monday. Congress member Anand Sharma, however, demanded that Rule 267 be removed or that the President’s notices should be considered as long as they are in the rule book.

“These are matters of concern. We should not read about it in the newspapers or on television. These issues need to be debated in Parliament. Rule 267 is required. I am in the House and I understand the issue of national security.

But we all agree that this has to be debated by giving the President a notice. For this reason, the notices issued on Monday and Tuesday are mostly “related to a variety of issues. Some of them have been going on for a long time, and some have been discussed before,” he said.

But President Naidu disagreed, saying that the official notices listed should be placed on the table. Unconcerned opposition members protested outside the House. Naidu adjourned the protest.


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