Pegasus Spy Ware: Phone hack of over 40 Indian journalists; Trying to spy?

Pegasus Spy Ware: Phone hack of over 40 Indian journalists;  Trying to spy?

Source: The New Indian Express

New Delhi: It has been revealed that over 40 journalists in India have been targeted by the Pegasus spying software.

The existence of pegasus spyware on some of the mobile devices on the Target list is confirmed by meteorological tests, reports The Wire. Hindustan Times, The Hindu, Wire, Indian Express, News 18, India Today, Pioneer, Writers, Columnists and regional media have been on the target list.

Because the phone numbers in the data are the same, it cannot be revealed whether the devices are Pegasus’s spyware or just attempted to hack.

The consortium of international news agencies has analyzed the Pegasus project as a possible source of surveillance and potential targets for journalists.

The Pegasus hack list is the name of two founding editors of The Wire, diplomatic editors and two writers who have been writing regularly for the organization, including Rohini Singh.

According to The Wire, after Rohini Singh wrote articles about Jai Shah’s son, Union Home Minister Amit Shah’s business partner, businessman Nikhil Merchant, who is close to Prime Minister Modi, and dealings with Union Minister Piyush Goyal’s business partner Ajay Piramal, The Wire .

Indian Express journalist Sushant Singh, who is still working on articles on the Rafael deal, was also listed in mid-2018. Singh’s current phone has been confirmed by digital imaging tests to have been subjected to Pahas spyware.

According to a report published by The Wire, not only journalists but also politicians, bureaucrats, social workers and scientists’ mobile phones have been hacked.


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