Phones of 40 Indian journalists tapped by Israeli spyware

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JERUSALEM: Conversations on the phones of 400 Indians were reportedly tapped by Israeli spyware Pegasus. This includes phone conversations with 40 senior journalists.

A French team has found the spyware on the phones of journalists in key positions at India’s Hindustan Times, News 18, India Today, The Hindu and Indian Express. Their phone information seems to have been monitored.

Shishir Gupta, Editor – in – Chief of Hindustan Times; Rahul Singh, Editor, Mint; Siddharth Varadarajan, Wire; There is evidence that the phones of journalists in many leading newspaper companies such as Venu have been infected with this spyware.

latest tamil news

NSO, a leading Israeli-based spyware company, launched the Pegasus spyware processor in late 2019. Created exclusively for spy work. With this spy Pegasus processor, spy systems can infiltrate all operating systems such as Android and iOS, steal users’ data and control and monitor their phones. Pegasus’ parent company, NSO, has denied the allegations. The company said in a statement that the government was not involved in the theft.

A statement issued by the Government of India on the occasion said, “In a democratic country like India, personal matters are guaranteed to be protected. Government agencies are not involved in the matter.



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