Postings that exceed the ‘harmony’ between YCP and TDP!

War is common on social media between political parties. It is still common for fans to swear at whores. These are being tuned and police cases are being registered. With this, those who post on social media have to change their route to avoid cases. That is what is being discussed in the political and police circles now. Let’s see in this story.

Demand for social media postings in elections
Comments that damage the image of others

The feud between the political parties is gaining new momentum as the usage of WhatsApp, Facebook, Twitter and YouTube has increased. Not just the party .. Fans of the respective parties are also posting on a range of social media. Smart phone in hand .. Awareness on the internet .. If you have a grip on the graphics .. As if there is nothing .. As if there is nothing .. They are inventing. In the last two general elections in our country, the social media campaign has been very good for the major parties. New posts coming on social media .. even if the comments are sober .. then the bandage is wrong. Whores .. Morphings ..! In the past, people used to think backwards to curse those who did not like them. Now the postings are coming in moments. Comments are being made in such a way as to damage their image. In Andhra Pradesh, the social media war between YCP and TDP has been going on for the last ten years. Now it has gone somewhere. The sky is the limit and the ranks of the two parties are erupting .. supporters.

Trolling on MLAs, Ministers‌

MLAs, ministers .. party leaders are trolling the internet in moments if they say anything. The truth is that before the sandals start to fall .. There are social media postings as if the lie has returned. Shaking with morphing photos and videos. Police are prosecuting for tampering with social media postings. Concerned neo-hippies and their global warming, i’ll tell ya. There is a perception among the people that if someone puts a false post on those in power, their work is over.

New move to escape cases
Postings on social media from abroad

Representatives of the respective parties have always been tempted to lodge a complaint with the police somewhere on social media postings. With this, the political parties have come up with a new tactic to avoid cases. Opponents are not as entangled as they are on social media. Police are making arrests wherever they stay in the country and post on social media. That’s why they started putting up postings from abroad. It was started by a political party five years ago.

Police raising their hands to complain

There are lakhs of NRIs from Telugu states abroad. Settled in various countries of the world. With the admiration for the party, their leaders are posting on social media without saying anything. A situation where the police cannot do anything if they receive complaints. Unable to take action due to posting from foreign servers. With this, another party started following the same route. They are posting on Facebook, WhatsApp and YouTube with their party fans abroad.

Posting that the ruling party MLA is corrupt‌

A young man recently posted on social media that a female MLA from the ruling party was involved in corruption. The woman MLA who knew about the matter .. ordered the police to find out who the man was. The man was found to be in another country. The post was also found to have been posted from a foreign server. However, the police said that no action could be taken against the man and the woman MLA was reportedly silent.

Posts on another MLA corruption log went viral‌
Successive postings on the People’s Representative of Europe

Similarly, an MLA’s post on corruption went viral. Information that the MLA had met the DGP together. The posting was also found to have been made by a person abroad. The leader is said to have backed down after police told him what he could not do if he stayed in other countries and posted. Similarly, a large number of people abroad are posting about a representative of Krishnajilla. A series of postings are also coming on a public representative from Rayalaseema. The teasers are also being released as each new MP tells about corruption every week. These teasers have become a hot topic in the state.

Fans of both parties abroad are active on social media

All in all the war on social media has gone from AP to overseas. From there it becomes an embarrassment for leaders to have both parties active on social media. It must be said that the people’s representatives did not sleep until a solution to the problem was found.

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