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Produce 2 lakh kilos of Kovid biomedical waste daily in May: Report

Produce 2 lakh kilos of Kovid biomedical waste daily in May: Report

Source: PTI

New Delhi: According to a report, over two lakh kilos of biomedical waste is being generated every day in Indian hospitals due to the treatment of Kovid’s patients.

According to the ‘State of India’s Environment 2021’ report released by the Center for Science and the Environment, in May this year, 2,03,000 kg of kovid biomedical waste was generated daily, accounting for 33% of non-kovid.

Kovid Biomedical Waste generated per day in May is a percentage point higher than April. 46 percent increased. 1.39 lakh kg of such waste is generated every day. In March, the daily average was 75,000 kg.

The second wave of coronavirus was witnessed in April and May. A report from the Center for Science and Environment found that 50 per cent of waste was generated from Kerala, Gujarat, Maharashtra, Delhi and Karnataka in May.

All these states were hit hard by the second wave of the pandemic corona. India still disposes 12 per cent of its hospital waste with Bihar and Karnataka without any treatment.

India has processed 88 per cent of its biomedical waste in 2019, down from 92.8 per cent in 2017, according to a report by Kiran Pandey and Rajit Sengupta.


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