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Public applause for French President Macron;  Arrest of two

Public applause for French President Macron; Arrest of two

Source: Reuters

Paris: Authorities on Tuesday arrested two people on charges of publicly slapping French President Emmanuel Macron.

During a visit to southeastern France, Macron got out of his car to talk to a group of onlookers, when a miscreant from the same group, Achanak, stormed in and slapped him. This immediately alerted security personnel who rushed to the rescue and Macron made his defense. Also, two suspects who had come to rescue Kapala have been arrested, CNN news agency reported.

During a visit to the southeastern French province of Drom, President Macron saw people standing outside barricades and shouting, stopped his car and proceeded to speak with the people. Two miscreants who were in the crowd at the time shouted slogans against the President and stormed into the President and slapped the President who was engaged in a handshake with the people.

Security personnel immediately rescued them and arrested the two miscreants. The president then resumed the handshake with the crowd, the French president’s official residence Elysee said in a statement.


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