Resistance to joke water fall, works to attract tourists

Bangalore: Environmental activists have protested against the Karnataka government’s plan to undertake various development projects, including a five-star hotel, aimed at attracting tourists to the world-famous Jog Falls. Thousands of tourists come from all over the world. To attract tourists, the state government has launched several schemes. Near the waterfall, it is planned to carry out various development works, including the construction of a five-star hotel. Environmental activists have objected to the government’s plan. Landslide risk Environmental activists have warned that if development work is carried out here, there will be a landslide-like risk. The nature of the waterfall is likely to change in the coming days. Fall, naturally formed. If development work is to be carried out in the area, it is permissible for the government to allow the destruction of rare species of plants and plants in the surrounding areas. If you want to attract tourists, let the basic facilities in Sagara. From there, special buses will pick up the tourists, he said.



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