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Sales of Kovacs: In Trouble Cong., Govt

New Delhi: The main opposition Sironmani Akali Dal, BJP, has accused the ruling Congress government in Punjab of selling the Kovac vaccine it bought for Rs 400 to private hospitals at exorbitant prices.

Vaccination of Covshield and Kovacs, which were discovered against Govt., Is underway. There is a shortage in many states. There is a difference of opinion between the Central and State Governments in this regard. Former Congress president Rahul Gandhi and general secretary Priyanka have been blaming the federal government for the vaccine shortage.

Speaking to reporters in Mogali, Chironmani Akali Dal party leader Zubair Badal said, Kovacs vaccine is purchased at a single dose of Rs.400 and sold to private hospitals for Rs.1,060. This gives a profit of Rs. 660 to the state government. Thus, the state government has sold 35,000 doses of the vaccine a day, earning Rs 2 crore. Private hospitals charge Rs 1,560 for a single dose of vaccine. Thus, it costs Rs 6,000 to Rs 9,000 per family to get a single dose of vaccine. This move by the Congress government is improper. He said a case should be filed against the state health minister in connection with the matter and an inquiry should be held under the supervision of the High Court.

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Union Minister Prakash Javdekar condemned Rahul for criticizing the National Vaccine Program.‛Rahul should stop teaching lessons to others and focus on the state where his party rules. The Punjab government was vaccinated with 1.40 lakh doses of covaccine at a dose of 400 per dose. However, they have sold the drug to 20 private hospitals at a single dose of Rs 1,000, ”he said.

Union Finance Minister Anurag Thakur says, When the Central Government provides free vaccination to the State Government, why should an individual pay Rs. 3,120 for a two-dose vaccine? He said the Congress government was spreading misinformation about the vaccine shortage.

State Health Minister BS Sidhu said, He has no control over the vaccine. I only care about treatment, research, corona testing and vaccination camp. Sales of the vaccine will be investigated. Thus he said.



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