Secret Lion

Who’s in the background? It is alleged that the ambassador provided the information to Hussein. There is a ‘background’. You can not hide for a long time, go to court and buy bail and start walking. One of them is from Tumkur. Nominee for Head of State Handcuffs. Make him the leader of the youth wing of the party. Greetings to him as an evening, a banner of respect, a welcome banner, as if something had come out of prison with a victory in the freedom struggle. Who is behind the abolition of the ministerial post is coming to light. The Chief is starting to show his ‘Vito Power’. The actress, who was the head of the Tourist Development Corporation, was removed from the post and given the post of personal secretary to the chief minister in ‘Stemina’ to sideline the minister. The department has prepared a suitable person to give ‘alwa’ to the minister without letting the seventh fit for the minister and the CM grow. As the redefinition is further delayed, we will hold an election immediately without testing our patience. Please tell, whats the story of them big puppys ………….. , The minister’s ace was torn. Now, the CM is about to resign. The senior ministerial post is also going to be out, and the ‘audio’ is mixed in the political arena, whether the head of state speaks in Tulu language or not. Then, start producing and releasing fake audio and start the secret work to find out who shook the game and whose background it came from. Hope to find out soon!



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