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'Shame on you Samantha' in trending… !!?

‘Shame on you Samantha’ in trending… !!?

Netizens shocked Samantha Akkineni. The hashtag ‘Shame on you Samantha’ is trending on Netflix now. As a matter of fact, the season 2 trailer of ‘The Family Man’ starring Manoj Bajpayee, Priyamani and Samantha has sparked controversy as to whether it has been released or not. The producers of ‘The Family Man’, which directed the story based on Kashmir militants in the first season, have shifted their focus to the South this second season. Most importantly, it makes sense to watch the trailer as it unfolds this season targeting LTTE terrorists. However, the producers of the film have responded to the controversy by saying that the series has not hurt anyone’s sentiments and that it makes sense to watch the web series once it is released. However, the dispute was not resolved. It is learned that the Tamil Nadu government has already written a letter to ban ‘The Family Man’ Season 2 series which will be released on June 4. The latest #ShameonYouSamantha is trending on Twitter now. Tamil Tamils ​​claim that the web series is hurting the sentiments of Tamils ​​and that it gives the impression that Tamils ​​are terrorists in the minds of those who watch it. The government, including the people of Tamil Nadu, is also unhappy with the ‘The Family Man’ season 2 trailer. On the other hand, Samantha fans who have entered the field are trending the hashtag ‘We Support Samantha’. Under the current circumstances, it is not surprising that this web series has been banned in Tamil Nadu. We have to see what happens.

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