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Award for Indian Descent
Houston: Krishna Kumar Edathil, a native of the United States and a native of Kerala, has been awarded the Texas State Inventor Award. The AI-COC, headed by him, has introduced intellectual and technological facilities in government departments. Thus the rating of the State of Texas has improved. Praising this, Krishna Kumar has been honored in the left.

Chimpanzee death

SAN FRANCISCO: The oldest chimpanzee monkey in the United States, Kobe, died yesterday at the San Francisco Zoo. Kobe, who was recently taken ill, died yesterday after recovering from treatment. Usually, chimpanzees live up to 33 years. Kobe, due to excellent care, has lived to be 63 years old.

Kamala returned half way

Joint Base Andrews: US Vice President Kamala Harris has taken a flight from Maryland to Mexico and Guatemala. Due to a technical glitch, the plane returned to Maryland half an hour after takeoff. Following this, Kamala Harris boarded another flight.

Knife: 6 killed

BEIJING: A young man named Wu, from the Chinese city of Hyunik, suddenly stabbed a bystander with a knife. Six of them died; 14 people are being treated with injuries. Following the incident, Woo was arrested by police. He is said to have been involved in the attack due to family quarrels and stress.

Elizabeth greets Harry

LONDON: Britain’s Prince Harry and Megan have named their baby girl ‘Lily Diana Mountbatten’. Harry’s mother, the late Diana’s pet name is Lilliput. To commemorate it, Harry named his daughter. Congratulating the Harry couple, Queen Elizabeth has warmly welcomed Lily Diana, the newcomer to the royal family.

Mining accident: 4 killed
MEXICO CITY: Floodwaters broke a lake in the North American state of Mexico, in the province of Keihulla, and flooded a nearby coal mine. Four people suffocated to death in the crash. Three people are missing. To rescue them, work is underway to pump water out of the mine by a giant motor.



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