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States will be vaccinated free of charge: PM

States will be vaccinated free of charge: PM

New Delhi: Prime Minister Narendra Modi has said that the vaccines will be procured by the central government and distributed free of cost to the states.

In his address to the nation, Prime Minister Modi said: Today 7 companies are involved in the development of the vaccine. Three tests are underway. We are also doing research on nasal vaccines. We are launching tests to see if it is safe to vaccinate children. This will greatly help our fight against the virus. The federal government continues to support manufacturers. Steps have been taken to obtain and pay for the vaccine from abroad as well. Steps have been taken to vaccinate children as well. Measures have been taken to increase the vaccine supply many times over in the coming days.

All of our paramedics and doctors have been vaccinated. They have been serving the people in the second wave. Most paramedics have been vaccinated before the second wave. Can we imagine what would have happened if the former staff, doctors, and other medical staff had not been vaccinated?

The federal government has been guiding the states on the implementation of the curfew. The federal government is guiding the curfew even as the states relax. The shortage of vaccines will end soon. We have already distributed the vaccination policy to the states. We know the vaccine requirement of the states. Let’s fill it out. State governments have called for a relaxation of the vaccination policy. It has been approved by the Central Government. States question why we do not produce the vaccine. The federal government continues to follow the rules laid down by the states in the matter of vaccination.

Doing politics

It is reprehensible that some people are politicizing the vaccine movement. Various questions are raised regarding the policy of vaccination.The questioners are ignorant of nothing. Beware of them. It is our desire that our citizens should not be harmed. The safety of every citizen is important. In that, there is no compromise.

States have been granted independence on the vaccination policy since May. The federal government will now decide on the distribution of the vaccine. Vaccine distribution will be fully managed by the Central Government. Vaccines will be provided free of charge to all states at the request of the states. States no longer need to spend on vaccines.

From June 21, the federal government will provide free vaccinations to states aged 18 and over. Private hospitals can purchase 25 percent of the vaccines.

The federal government will purchase 75 percent of the vaccine for the vaccination program. The central government will bear 25 per cent of the state governments. . 75 per cent will be provided free of cost by the Central Government to the States. For vaccination, no State Government shall spend anything. The Central Government will provide free vaccination to all the people of the country.

Although the government provides free vaccinations to all the people of the country, those who wish to be vaccinated can be vaccinated at private hospitals. All the poor, middle and middle class people will be vaccinated free of cost. Steps are being taken to accelerate the vaccination drive to make the vaccine available to all.

The epidemic is not over yet. We must use all our strength to fight against the Govt. There is hope that we will win the virus. I urge the people of the country to spread awareness about Govt vaccines. We cannot give up our security.

After the price of the vaccine has been fixed, Rs. Private hospitals can charge a maximum service charge of Rs 150. The task of monitoring it will be handed over to the state governments, he said.



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