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Student pornography leak: Apple pays Rs 35 crore in compensation

Oregon: Apple has paid Rs 35 crore in compensation for leaking a student’s pornography in the United States.

Begatron, based in the US state of California, is licensed by Apple to repair its iPhones. Here is a student who has given his Apple iPhone for repair. It was repaired by two Pegatron engineers. Then, in it, there were student pornography.

Without stopping to look at it, they uploaded it on the student’s ‘Facebook’ page. This was seen by classmates and reported to the student. The student, shocked by this, sought lawyers. They demanded several crores of rupees in compensation from Begatron. To that, the company has refused. Following this, Apple, through Begatron, paid the student Rs 35 crore and settled the matter.

In a similar issue recently, Apple paid a large sum of money and kept its name, even though it had no direct connection to it. Under U.S. law, licensed companies are also liable for the work-related illegal activities of privately licensed companies.



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