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Students and educators who created 'Tsunami on Twitter' to be the Northeast chapter of NCERT book

Students and educators who created ‘Tsunami on Twitter’ to be the Northeast chapter of NCERT book

Source: The New Indian Express

Guwahati: Students, academics and others from the Northeast tweeted a tsunami on Twitter, demanding the inclusion of a chapter on the geography, culture, ethnicity and lifestyle of the Northeast in the NCERT textbooks.

Repeated criticism of racist slogans from a section of the mainland against the Northeast, tweeting that they are included in the NCERT as the subject of the chapter.

Today’s tweet is filled with comments from #AChapterForNEIndia and #NortheastMatters tagged to senior powers including Prime Minister Narendra Modi and Union Home Minister Amit Shah.

Samujjal Bhattacharya, an adviser to the Northeastern Students ‘Association, tweeted,’ It seems the ignorant mainlanders are unaware of our existence as an inseparable part of India. Creating a #AChapterForNEIndia and #NortheastMatters hashtag that enriched the heritage, land of exotic flora and fauna and impeccable culture, the Northeast states are more than just a resource frontier.

Ethnic confusion has arisen against former Union Minister and Arunachal Pradesh Congress MLA Ninong Ering. YouTuber Paras Singh made a video of him calling Ninong Ering a ‘non-Indian’ and calling him a part of Arunachal China. Paras Singh was arrested by police after these comments provoked outrage in the Northeast.

Today, I am not only a representative of the Twitter tsunami, but also a common citizen of Northeast India. He tweeted that the world should know about us and learn about our history, geography, culture and other aspects.


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