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Supermoon!  Red blood moon eclipse!  What is this and how does it happen?

Supermoon! Red blood moon eclipse! What is this and how does it happen?

Source: Associated Press

The first lunar eclipse of the year is happening tomorrow. This is especially the case with the Super Moon eclipse. The red blood moon may be discovered by astronomers.

So what is Super Moon?
The closest to the Moon is called the Super Moon. The lunar orbit around the Earth is not completely circular. This means that the moon’s distance around the planet varies. The closest point of the orbit, called the perigee, is approximately 28,000 miles from Earth than the far point of the orbit. The full moon that occurs near the perigia is called the supermoon. We are called perigee to get the moon closer to the earth.

So why is it super or unique? The moon’s relative proximity makes it look a little bigger and brighter than usual, though the difference between a supermoon and a normal moon is usually hard to notice unless you look at the two images side by side.

How does the eclipse happen?
A lunar eclipse occurs when the earth’s shadow covers all or part of the moon. This can only happen during the full moon, so first, a full moon eclipse must be understood.
Like the Earth, half of the moon is illuminated by the sun at any time. The full moon occurs on opposite sides of the Moon and the Sun. If the moon had a perfectly flat orbit, every full moon would be a lunar eclipse. But the moon’s orbit is tilted about 5 degrees compared to Earth’s orbit.

But twice in each lunar orbit, the moon is in the same plane as the earth and the sun. If it follows the full moon, the sun, earth and moon will form a straight line. The moon passes through the shadows of the earth. This results in total lunar eclipses.

Tomorrow’s lunar eclipse will appear in the Pacific Ocean, Australia, the East Coast of Asia and the American West Coast. Will appear in the eastern half of the US. But these parts appear in the early days.

Why does the moon look red?
-When the moon is completely covered by the shadow of the earth, it will darken, but not completely black. Instead, it takes on red, which is why total lunar eclipses are sometimes called red or blood moon.

Sunlight has all the colors of visible light. The particles of gas that make up the Earth’s atmosphere are likely to scatter the blue wavelengths of light, but the red wavelengths pass. This is called Rayleigh scattering, and that is why the sky is blue and sunrise and sunsets are often red.

During a lunar eclipse, red light can pass through the Earth’s atmosphere and is refracted – or curved – towards the moon, leaving the moon a faint red color during the eclipse.


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