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Tamil Nadu in the presence of school education rankings

New Delhi: Five states and Union Territories, including Tamil Nadu and Kerala, are leading in the 2019-20 rankings released by the Union Ministry of Education on the effectiveness of school education.

The Union Ministry of Education has been releasing the Performance Quality Index (PGI) for all states and Union Territories in school education since 2019. In this context, the Schedule for 2019-20 has been released yesterday. The criteria are analyzed and graded on the basis of which the highest rated states are given A-plus-plus rating. Of these, Punjab got the highest score. Bihar and Meghalaya have the lowest points, with 13 states and union territories showing 10 per cent growth in school infrastructure and facilities, while 19 states and union territories have seen administrative growth. Nagar Haveli has a plus rating. Tamil Nadu, Kerala, Punjab, Chandigarh and the Andaman Islands are leading with A-plus-plus rankings.



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