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Tamil Nadu liquor lovers in Andhra liquor stores

Liquor lovers from all over Tamil Nadu are flocking to the Nellore-Andhra Pradesh Nellore district border liquor stores.

Andhra Pradesh is ruled by the YSR Congress government led by Chief Minister Jaganmohan Reddy. Despite the corona curfew, liquor stores have recently been allowed to operate until 12:00 noon. Meanwhile, all curfew bars in Tamil Nadu have been closed. As a result, many wine lovers suffer from alcoholism.

Upon learning of the opening of shops in Andhra Pradesh, many people from the Tiruvallur district of Tamil Nadu are flocking to the liquor stores in the border areas of the Nellore district.

Thus, the crowd in the pubs is rippling. They are waiting in long queues. However, they are waiting for the liquor to be available. Those who leave here are detained by the police at the Tamil Nadu border and bottles of liquor are confiscated.



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