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Telugu 'Baby Zeenat' who mesmerized Zeenat Aman!

Telugu ‘Baby Zeenat’ who mesmerized Zeenat Aman!

‘Indian Idol’ music reality show is known all over the country. Indian Idol Season 12 is currently running. However, our Telugu actress Shanmukha Priya is also participating in the competition. Not only that, he is working hard to win the title with his talent. Shanmukhapriya, who has been lauded by the judges for hosting the show almost every week, will be lauded by Bollywood legend Zeenat Aman this time.

Zeenat Aman will be celebrating her 50th birthday in the latest episodes of Indian Idol 12 airing this weekend. Contestants will sing the Evergreen Songs of her career. She is going to celebrate her 50 Years Journey as a Grand. However, our Shanmukha Priya will sing one of Zeenat Aman’s memorable songs ‘Churalia Hai Tumne Jo Dil Ko’. The song from the movie ‘Yadonki Baraat’ impressed Zeenat so much! Not only that, the dress worn by Shanmukhapriya also fascinated Zeenat!
Zeenat wears a western outfit during the song ‘Churalia Hai’ in the movie ‘Yadonki Barat’. Zeenat Aman was pissed that Shanmukhapriya was also wearing exactly the same. ‘Baby Zeenat’ was the title of the book. In return, Shanmukhapriya also thanked the legendary actress and said that ‘Indian Idol’ had given her a great opportunity.

It remains to be seen whether our Shanmukhapriya alias ‘Baby Zeenat’, who has already won the admiration of many Bollywood giants, will win the ఐIndian Idol title!

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