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37thTime, Married, InFrontofWives, Children

The 37th married grandfather in the presence of 135 children and 126 grandchildren

Kohima: In the presence of an elderly man, 135 children, 126 grandchildren, 28 wives, the 37th married has gone viral.

We have read in stories that in ancient times kings tied more wives and gave birth to many children. If all that is possible now, not sure. In the current economic climate, having a wife is a great achievement for many. As such, he has married 36 wives and is currently married for the 37th time. Is it possible to believe that 28 wives are still alive?

Yes, in the presence of 28 wives, 135 children and 126 grandchildren, the 37th married a young woman, an old man. Rupin Sharma, an IPS officer from Nagaland, posted a video on his Twitter page. “Brave man, 37th marriage in the presence of 28 wives, 135 children, 126 grandchildren,” he said. The video, which was shared on June 6, has now gone viral.



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