The BJP’s defeat is overconfidence of winning and winning: Suvarna

The BJP's defeat is overconfidence of winning and winning: Suvarna

Source: PTI

Kolkata: Looking for: An official analyzed by the leader of the opposition of the Pashwima Bengal assembly, said that the satisfaction of winning and the over-confidence of winning and failing to understand the political situation at the grassroots level led to the party being satisfied with only 170 seats.

Speaking at a party rally on Sunday in Chandipur in Madinpur district of Purba, he said the party had backed down in the West Bengal assembly elections due to over-confidence of some of its leaders. This is the first time since leaving the TMC and joining the BJP, he has publicly reviewed the party’s defeat in the Assembly elections.

We all did well in the first two stages of the election. But our party leaders, who were overly confident of winning 170 to 180 seats, were not doing well at the grassroots level. That said, TMC had to give up power. Once the set goals are met, it should be done with diligence, ”he said.


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