The British health minister is still vulnerable to the virus after being vaccinated twice

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London: Sajid Javed, Britain’s health minister, is suffering from corona infection after being vaccinated with a two-dose vaccine.

The British government has decided to completely lift the restrictions on the second wave of corona in the European country, Britain, from tomorrow. After being vaccinated with two doses, he became infected with the virus

Following this, Sajid isolated himself for 10 days. Javed posted a video on Twitter about being infected with the corona, saying, “I have been confirmed to have a corona infection. I have been given two doses of the vaccine and have very mild symptoms.” I want everyone to be vaccinated. ‘ Those who have been in contact with Javit in recent days have been advised to undergo testing. In solitude, British Prime Minister Boris Johnson recovered from a corona infection last year.

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Both have since been instructed to undergo corona examination. In addition, the two have been asked to isolate themselves. The Prime Minister’s Office has said that Boris Johnson will not isolate himself from the daily corona examination. Following the controversy, it was announced that the Prime Minister would isolate himself for 10 days.



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