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The lifespan of humans can be extended up to 150 years

SINGAPORE: ‘Human lifespan can be extended to 120-150 years,’ say Singapore scientists

Ziro, a biotechnology company based in Singapore, a Southeast Asian country. The team, led by Timothy Byrkhov, a scientist at the company, has published a study on the longevity of humans in the journal Nature Communication.

It says: In humans, the ability to compensate for the loss of blood cells begins to decline at the age of 35-45. This problem shortens the life span of human beings. At some point when the formation of cells is completely paralyzed, death occurs.

This study found that it takes 120-150 years for a person’s body to completely lose the ability to make new cells. , Drugs that increase the production of new cells will be found.Thus, it is stated.



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