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The next wave in India is unpredictable: the World Health Organization

New Delhi: The World Health Organization (WHO) has said that the next wave of govt in India is unpredictable.

In India, the second wave spread more intensely than the first wave of the Covit-19 virus. More than 4 lakh people a day were also affected. At present the daily Govt exposure has been gradually reduced to 1.65 lakhs. The 2nd wave in India affected the youth the most. Doctors, meanwhile, said the 3rd wave would be more severe and would hit children harder. The World Health Organization says the next wave is unpredictable.

Dr. Poonam Ketrapal Singh, Regional Director, Southeast Asia, World Health Organization (WHO), said: We are currently seeing a decline in Govt infection in some parts of the country. Still, the situation remains challenging. Therefore, we must first take the opportunity to get the Govt vaccinated. We can not predict the next wave of covit, but we can prevent it. We will force it. Thus he said.



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