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The Prime Minister of the United Kingdom who secretly married his girlfriend

London-Britain Prime Minister Boris Johnson has reportedly secretly married his girlfriend Gary Symonds.

Boris Johnson, 56, Prime Minister of the United Kingdom, has been married twice and divorced. Through these marriages, they have five children. Boris Johnson, who lived alone, fell in love with environmentalist Gary Symonds, 33. The two, since 2018, have lived together without getting married.

They have a 1 – year – old son, Wilfried, who was engaged to be married in February 2020. Boris Johnson and Gary Symonds were reportedly simply married yesterday at the Roman Catholic Church of Westminster in London. As the curfew is in effect, only the closest relatives and friends are said to have attended the wedding.

The Prime Minister’s Office declined to comment on the marriage. Even senior officials at Downing Street, 10, the prime minister’s office, are said to have been secretly unaware of the marriage.



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