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The unions are demanding Rs 50,000 from the miners

Thangavayal: The Union Mining Workers Union (TMWU) has demanded that Union Minister of Mines Prahlad Joshi pay Rs. 50,000 each to the workers as an advance on the outstanding amount due to the gold miners.

Union Vice President Sampath, General Secretary Subramaniam Interview: Workers were paid only 50 percent of the final settlement when the gold mine closed. The Supreme Court ruled that the outstanding amount of Rs. 52 crore should be paid by the re-operators of the gold mine. Twenty years later, there has been no global auction to reopen the gold mine and produce it. There is no way to get the final settlement of the worker. So far, 500 workers have died without receiving this money. As central government workers, we are in dire straits. We request the Central Government to provide Rs. 50,000 per person in advance of this amount. Kolar constituency BJP, – MP, Munisami, explained to the central government that it should help the poor workers. Minister of Mines Prahlad Joshi should do the same, they said.



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